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 Legacy Project Award

​​​​​​​​​​​​​ACHA Legacy Project Award

American College of Healthcare Architects Legacy Project Award       


Legacy Project Award

Good design can improve people’s lives.  The Legacy Project Award recognizes those groundbreaking healthcare projects that in their time redefined how we understand what a hospital or clinic could be and introduced innovations or supported breakthrough delivery of care concepts.  ACHA Certificants can nominate one of these revolutionary projects completed and in operation on or before the year 2001 for recognition as a Legacy Project. This award recognizes healthcare architecture that has and continues to demonstrate superior planning and excellence in design performance over an extended period of time, and remains of enduring significance. Past award winners are viewable on the ACHA video channel​. What projects forever influenced the way you practice healthcare design and had a sustaining impact on the delivery of and practice of healthcare architecture?

Submission requirements and FAQs

Key Dates:​

April 1, 2020: Early Bird Registration Opens. Registration is via an online process only and can take place prior to submitting the project. This step requires filling out basic information about the project and payment of the $300 non-refundable early bird registration fee. 

Click here to login with your ACHA user name and password to pay the fee. After your payment is processed, you will receive an email with instructions for uploading your submittal.

April 24, 2020: Early Bird Registration closes. After 3:00 p.m. CDT, registration fee rises to $500. 

June 1, 2020: Submittal deadline.  All entries must be submitted online by 3:00 p.m. CDT.  ​

August 7, 2020: Finalists notified.  The jury will likely shortlist a limited number of projects for further review and site tours.

August 7- October 2, 2020: Site visit by jury.  Upon notification, the submitter shall arrange a jury site visit at a mutually convenient date within the tour period for the purposes of further investigation, interviews with key facility representatives, etc.  The costs for the jury travel, accommodations, etc. will be covered by ACHA.

August 7, 2020: Visual presentation due to ACHA. In addition to being added to the ACHA YouTube Channel, your visual presentation will be aired at the awards ceremony and may be considered for airing at other conference venues throughout the year.

November 6, 2020: Winner notified. Our celebration of the winner includes a significant press packet and exposure for the project, prepared by ACHA in coordination with the architect and owner.  To help tell the story of your legacy project to the widest possible audience and inspire them to ask their healthcare buildings to do more for them in the future, we ask you to prepare, at your own cost, a 5-7 minute visual presentation (video, animated slide show, etc.) and provide high-resolution graphical images of photos, plans, sections, etc. You will need to execute a firm publicity license for the use of the ACHA logo, images, videos, etc.

Click here​ for a pdf of the information provided below.
Click here​​ for the 2017 Project Video as guidance for your submission.

​​​Project E​ligibility:​

  1. The project must be built, and continuously occupied as a patient-oriented healthcare facility for at least 15 years, and remain in good condition. For the 2019-20 cycle, projects occupied no later than December 31, 2004 are eligible.
  2. The projects may be new construction or a significant addition to an existing campus.  Minor additions or interior remodels are not eligible. The project may be one building or a related group of buildings forming a single project.
  3. The project may be located in either the United States or abroad, and must have been designed by an architect of record licensed in the United States at the time of original design.
  4. Only an ACHA Certificant, Fellow or Emeritus may nominate a project for the Award.  The nominator does not have to have been the architect or associated with the firm who completed the project.
  5. Project nominations submitted in prior years, but not recognized with the Legacy Project Award, may be resubmitted, provided that they meet all other current eligibility requirements.
  6. The project must gracefully accommodate changing programmatic needs over time.
  7. The project must have excellence in function – in the distinguished execution of its original program and in the creative aspects of its statement by today’s standards.  Building and any applicable site should be examined together.  Any alteration to the immediate context shall be taken into consideration. 


  • ​ ​​All submissions shall be made in PDF, not exceed 10Mb in size, and be 8½ x 11 portrait format:

a.      A thesis statement not to exceed 1,000 words with visual evidence as appropriate demonstrating ground-breaking concepts at the time design.  Explain how those concepts have sustained and/or flexibly adapted over time and influenced subsequent work in the field of healthcare design. Set the context for what was considered “normal” design and how this project advanced the state-of-the-art at the time of initial occupancy. 

b.      A list of any awards received by the project may be provided if accompanied by an explanation of the award’s purpose and how that particular award proves legacy.

c.      A long term vision statement up to 500 words showing how the building was planned to adapt over time in both use and aesthetics (and what happened when those adaptations did occur). The project should either still carry out the original program or accommodate new programs.  A change in use is permitted when it has not basically altered the original intent.

d.      Up to 10 photos of the project over its history, including ones from the present day and the time the project was opened.

e.      Drawings or diagrams as necessary to clearly illustrate the applicable concepts both in the original design and the state of the facility today. Visual documentation should be provided on how the project has grown, adapted and/or accommodated changing needs over time without physical reconfiguration.

f.       A completed entry form​ 

    • Do not use your name, your firm name, or firm logo in the file nomenclature, or in the graphic components of the submission.  Doing so will automatically disqualify the submission.
    • The submission deadline date will be strictly observed; no exceptions will be made.  No entry fee will be refunded for entries that are disqualified, late, or incomplete.
    • Entrants are responsible to secure copyrights, fees or royalties as applicable for photos (identify photographers), digital images, and/or plans, or any other information required for submission or publication.   Entrants must have the owner's written approval to submit the project prior to registration and/or submission.  Owners must be informed of and approve of potential site visits and the significant recognition in the media should the project receive an award.  The ACHA shall not be responsible for any fees which an owner may otherwise charge for touring the facility.
Contacts and Questions:

Please see the FAQ regarding the ​online submission process.​

For clarification beyond the published materials, click here to inquire.

Jury​ for 2019-20​


Past Winners:

2014 - Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and Griffin Hospital

2016 - Northw​estern Memorial​ Hospital

2017 - Bronson Methodist Hospital

To view the presentations, please visit the ACHA YouTube channel at this link:

ACHA YouTube channel

S​ubmission Process

All entries must be submitted online. Click here for information.

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