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This unique Resource Center was created for the use of ACHA Certificate Holders and others interested in timely information directly related to healthcare facility planning, design and construction. Our goal is to promote awareness and educational exchange and to broaden our base of understanding in all areas of healthcare facilities.

This on-line library is organized by general topic headings, with links to articles that explore a broad range of topics including the future of healthcare architecture, facility planning, creative innovations in ambulatory care, specialty hospital design, new technology in healthcare and its impact on facility design, healing environments, construction and project management issues.

The articles in this Resource Center have been reviewed and deemed of interest to healthcare architects. Their inclusion, however, does not reflect the opinions of the ACHA or guarantee the accuracy of the content.

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Text for requesting an ACHA board-certified Architect in your next Request for Proposal:

If as a healthcare provider you are embarking on a new project by assembling an RFP, the inclusion of an ACHA-certified architect on a submitting team can be an important differentiator in your evaluation process. To facilitate this, we welcome the inclusion of wording such as the following in any outgoing RFP:

Because healthcare projects are complex and highly technical in nature, they require experienced, qualified architects. Please list proposed team members who are American College of Healthcare Architects (ACHA)-certified.​

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Stryker Planning Design and Construction Library

Stryker is pleased to announce the release of our new Planning Design and Construction Library. This site allows you to gain access to all of the REVIT models/families, as well as AutoCAD blocks, pre-installation manuals, and Contractor cut sheets.

Stryker is most interested in allowing you to easily extract the information that you need, and to provide a simple and repeatable process when it comes to obtaining this information for all of your projects. We are most excited about the REVIT Room Templates that allow one to download a design of many different clinical care spaces, and drop them directly into your drawings. The templates available cover the Operating Room, Hybrid Rooms, GI Labs, Interventional Radiology, Cath Labs, Intensive Care units, Trauma Bays and Exam Rooms in the Emergency Department. 

The REVIT Room Templates provided within the new PD&C website are all designs that have been implemented and in use for the last couple of years. This means that the end users are pleased with the design of these particular spaces, and that they are worthy of being used as a "place holder" for all of your projects. This also means that you can be confident that these vetted designs are able to be implemented with any manufacturer's product. 

Click here​ for more information. Please contact either Kirk Newman or Brett Estabrook for access information or questions that you may have. or 214.392.6622;​ or 414.975.4262​


The ACHA proudly partnered with The Advisory Board to bring certificate holders and candidates this free seminar:

Advisory Board Webinar

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  • Hospitals and the Economy

    By: Anne McLeod, Vice President, Finance Policy, California Hospital Association

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  • The Impact of Laws, Regulations and Codes on Future Healthcare Construction in California

    By: Paul Coleman, Architect, Deputy Director

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Facility Planning and Design


  • Resources for Ambulatory Care Centers
  • Resources Miscellaneous Planning and Design

Hospital Departments

  • Nursing Units
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  • Resources for Clinical and Interventional Services
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  • Resources for Diagnostic and Testing
    • A New Rx for Emergency Room Design

      by Robert Lober 

      A & E Perspectives November 18, 2004

      Increased visits are prompting changes for more visibility, flexibility and efficiencies in emergency department design.

  • Resources for Support Services
    • No resources currently available

Healthcare Interiors and Graphics

  • Resources for Interior Design
    • No resources currently available
  • Resources for Wayfinding
    • No resources currently available
  • Resources for Healing Environments
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Medical Technology

  • Resources for Imaging and Surgery
    • No resources currently available
  • Resources for General and Patient Care
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  • Resources for Project Delivery and Management Issues
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  • Resources for Codes and Regulatory Issues
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  • Resources for Building Materials and Systems
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  • Resources for Client Relations, Business and Legal Issues
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Trends in Medical Care

  • Resources for New Trends in Healthcare


    How 10 forces are Continuing to Change Health Care Design

    By A. Ray Pentecost III, DrPH, FAIA, FACHA, 2013 President of the International Academy for Design and Health and Peter L. Bardwell, FAIA, FACHA, 2013 President of the American College of Healthcare Architects. This presentation builds upon an article featured in Health Facilities Magazine, and listed by ASHE as one of the most accessed articles in its various publications for 2011.

    How 10 forces are Continuing to Change Health Care Design



    “Planning & Design Strategies for the Hospital of the Future” (ACHE, VHA-TV)

    by Don McKahan, AIA, FACHA and Joan Saba, AIA, FACHA

    This ACHA educational program was presented to the American College of Healthcare Executives on VHA-TV, Sept 27, 2006. The program explores and explains the newest trends in health facility planning and design. ACHA healthcare architects, Joan Saba, AIA, FACHA and Don McKahan , AIA, FACHA, take you on a “virtual tour” of innovative hospitals employing the latest ideas in evidence-based design, advanced departmental planning, and new design concepts to create a more efficient and hospitable-hospital. For more information on this presentation, contact the ACHA Executive Office at



    Emerging Trends & Successful Strategies for the Planning & Design of Healthcare Facilities

    by Don McKahan, Frank Pitts, Joan Saba, D. Kirk Hamilton, Morris Stein and Bill Rostenberg

    ACHE 2006 April 2006

    This ACHA Seminar was presented at the 2006 Congress of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). The presentation covers: Strategic Lessons Learned from Groundbreaking Hospitals; Evidence Based Design for Healthcare Facilities; Trends in Imaging impacting Health Facility Planning. This is a 3-part, PDF copy of the original slide presentation.


Miscellaneous Topics

  • Resources for Miscellaneous Topics
    • No resources currently available

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