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 Value Proposition

The college offers ACHA certificate holders:

  • Credentials showing their advanced competency and affiliation with the most experienced healthcare architects
  • A way to differentiate themselves from non-certified architects
  • Advanced learning and teaching opportunities
  • Another way to stay current through continuing education requirements
  • National speaking and writing opportunities
  • A better way to connect and network
  • Self-promotion through their website’s certificate holder directory
  • A community

The college offers Healthcare Providers:

  • Experienced independently certified healthcare architecture specialists
  • Confidence that certified healthcare architects know the current issues/ trends and regulatory requirements
  • A team member that “speaks their language”
  • Access to educational opportunities
  • Qualified architects that offer informed solutions
  • Best practices and benchmarking through experienced certificate holders

The college offers Prospective Certificate Holders:

  • Differentiation within their architectural practice and among peers
  • Enhanced career opportunities through certified specialization
  • Access to most up to date educational resources
  • Access to a wide and deep network of experts
  • Mentorship and encouragement through the certification process
  • Speaking and writing engagements
  • A community

American College of Healthcare Architects
4400 College Blvd Suite 220
Overland Park, KS 66211

Phone: 913-222-8653
Fax: 913-222-8606